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It all starts with the right materials, sourced in the right way

Ethical Sourcing

Creating conscious fine jewellery means putting people and planet first. That's why responsible sourcing is one of our core concerns. 

We only use recycled metal and lab-grown diamonds to make Sacet jewellery – and it doesn’t end there. Our jewellery boxes are designed to be eco friendly too. From precious metals to packaging materials, here's how we make responsible sourcing a part of our mission.

100% Recycled Metals

All of our jewellery is made from recycled precious metal. Gold, silver and platinum can be endlessly recycled, maintaining their purity every time they're melted down. At Sacet, our recycled metals come from within the industry (where metal filings and dust are reclaimed from production waste) as well as from old pieces of jewellery.

Recycling metal uses less energy than mining and refining new ore. It generates less waste, conserves natural resources, and significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. By choosing recycled metal over large-scale mines, we're reducing our impact on the environment.

Lab-grown Diamonds

The natural diamond industry has done a lot of work to combat the flow of conflict diamonds, but that's not the only challenge. Diamond mining also has a social and environmental impact, and conscious customers are asking about issues including deforestation, soil erosion and working conditions.

While it is possible to mine diamonds in a more responsible way (for example, by reducing energy use), you can't always trace a natural diamond back to its source – so how do you know that your diamond has been mined responsibly?

That's why we only work with lab-grown diamonds. They're physically, chemically and visually identical to mined diamonds, but you can always be sure that they're ethically produced, affordably priced and conflict free.

Eco-friendly Packaging

Our commitment to responsible sourcing extends beyond our jewellery. We also make sure that our packaging is as sustainable as possible.

Every piece of Sacet jewellery comes in a plastic-free jewellery box, made from cardboard and paper with a cotton and linen lining, and shipped in a recyclable mailing box. All our paper and cardboard is FSC certified, which means that it's made with materials from well-managed forests.

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