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Diamond Certification Guide 

Here at Sacet, customers can have confidence in the credibility of our diamonds thanks to the diamond certificates we provide from reputable grading bodies as well as our own exclusive certificates, done by a skilled and trained gemologist.

All our products will be delivered with a certificate and all single stones above 0.5 carats will come with an IGI certificate.

How does diamond certification work?

A diamond certificate provides a summary of the specifications and authenticity of the diamond you have bought.

It is a way to evaluate the quality of a diamond based on the 4Cs: colour, carat, cut and clarity.

The certificate will also determine whether the diamond is lab-grown or natural as well as the measurements, proportions and finish of the diamond. It’s strongly recommended that people only buy certified diamonds to prove their quality, authenticity and where they came from.

What is an IGI certificate?

It is a certificate delivered by the International Gemological Institute (IGI): With 18 labs across the world the IGI is a long-established institute, having been around since 1975. They evaluate loose diamonds as well as finished pieces and were the first place to grade lab-grown diamonds.

What is the difference between a valuation certificate and a diamond certificate?

Be careful to not mistake the valuation certificate for the diamond certificate. A valuation certificate will establish the value of an item, mainly for insurance purposes. It won’t include the specifications or characteristics of the diamond itself, which is what you should have for proof and peace of mind of the diamond’s authenticity.

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