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Divorce Rings: A Symbol of Closure and New Beginnings

28 March 2024
Divorce Rings: A Symbol of Closure and New Beginnings

Divorce Rings: A Symbol of Closure and New Beginnings

Emily Ratajkowski's Instagram post featuring her "divorce rings" has sparked interest in the meaning of these unique pieces of jewellery. Sacet's experts can explain the history of divorce rings and why they are becoming increasingly popular.

Divorce is often seen as the end of a chapter in life, but what if it could also mark the beginning of a new journey? Divorce rings are gaining popularity as a way for individuals to commemorate their divorce and embrace the future. In this article, we'll explore the world of divorce rings and why they're becoming increasingly popular.

Let’s get started.

What are divorce rings? 

Divorce rings are symbolic pieces of jewellery adopted by people who have experienced the breakdown of a relationship. They tend to incorporate elements from the original engagement ring or wedding band, but they are reimagined in a new setting or design to reshape the memories or narrative attached to the ring. 

Are divorce rings a new concept? 

Celebrities have played a significant role in popularizing divorce rings as symbols of empowerment and self-love. Many A-listers have been spotted wearing divorce rings or discussing them openly in the media. This has contributed to the growing trend of embracing divorce rings as a positive symbol of new beginnings.

It’s interesting that Emily Ratajkowski's post has taken the internet by storm. Divorce rings have been around for years, though definitely not as popular or coveted as engagement rings and wedding bands

Several celebrities have reported holding on to their engagement rings after their relationships ended, using stones from their original band and repurposing these into new jewellery. Halle Berry, Katy Perry, and, of course, Elizabeth Taylor are just a few women who are known to have redesigned their rings.

Why are Ratajkowski's rings taking the internet by storm? 

What differentiates Ratajkowski’s ring, and perhaps why it’s so attractive to people, is the eye-catching nature of the stones. She has seemingly split the original Toi-Et-Moi design into two new rings, adding two additional trapezoid-shaped diamonds on either side of the princess-cut diamond, creating a new unique shape. 

The corresponding pear-shaped diamond worn as a pinky ring is also quite unusual for a diamond of this size. However, despite the splitting of the stones and perhaps the symbolism of this design, keeping the stones side by side, albeit on different fingers, is seemingly a subtle nod to the original union. “

What finger should a divorce ring be worn on? 

There’s no right or wrong answer for which finger you can wear your divorce ring on. Historically, most celebrities have continued to wear repurposed divorce rings on their wedding finger. Ratajkowski seems to follow suit, although it’s hard to know whether the rings are modelled on her right or left hand. 

Ultimately, divorce rings can be worn on any finger, and the choice will more often than not come solely down to sizing. Unless you completely reset the original stones in a new band, most people will be limited to wearing their ring on either their left or right ring finger.

6 excellent ideas for divorce rings

Whether you prefer minimalist designs or bold statements, there are countless ideas to inspire your divorce ring selection. Here are some creative divorce ring ideas to consider:

1. Freedom bands: 

These rings often feature sleek and modern designs symbolizing the freedom and independence gained after divorce. They may incorporate minimalist elements or subtle engravings representing personal empowerment.

2. Transformation rings: 

Transformation rings are designed to signify the journey of personal growth and transformation following divorce. They may feature intricate patterns or symbolic motifs representing resilience, renewal, and self-discovery.

3. Healing stones: 

These rings incorporate gemstones known for their healing properties, such as amethyst for clarity or rose quartz for self-love. The stones are chosen for their ability to promote emotional healing and inner strength during the post-divorce period.

4. Engraved bands: 

Engraved divorce rings often feature meaningful quotes, phrases, or dates that hold significance to the wearer's divorce journey. These personalized engravings serve as constant reminders of resilience and empowerment.

5. Split bands: 

Split bands symbolize the separation and division that occurs during divorce, but they also represent the opportunity for new beginnings. These rings feature a design where the band appears to split or intersect, signifying the diverging paths taken after divorce.

6. Symbolic shapes: 

Rings with symbolic shapes, such as hearts, infinity symbols, or phoenixes rising from the ashes, represent the journey of overcoming adversity and emerging stronger after divorce. These shapes carry deep meaning and serve as powerful symbols of resilience and renewal.

How to design a divorce ring?  

Whether you want to completely reset the stones in a new piece of jewellery or design or keep the original band and add additional elements, as Ratajowski has done with her pear-shaped diamond, is entirely down to the wearer. 

Simply adding more metal to the brand to resize the ring so it can be worn on a different finger is one slightly more affordable option as it’s less labour intensive. 

However, you may want to personalise the design to make it uniquely yours, such as adding a birthstone, personalising engraving, or completely resetting stones in a different piece of jewellery, like earrings or a necklace. “

One thing we would always advise against, however, is cutting the stones as this will diminish their worth, and there’s always a risk of chipping, fracturing and scratching during the process.” 

How much does it cost to remodel a ring? 

The price, of course, will vary depending on the complexity of the new design, the materials and jewellers' expertise. Generally smaller changes like resizing, changing the metal of the band and engraving will range from £50-£200. 

The cost of adding or replacing stones can range from £100 - £1k, not including the cost of additional gemstones, and significant alterations typically start at around £2k to £10k or more.

Embrace the divorce rings with tribute to new beginnings

Divorce rings represent closure, independence, and personal growth for those transitioning out of their marriages. They are unique and individual, often designed to reflect the wearer's style and personality. These rings offer a tangible reminder of resilience and celebrate personal growth. They are a powerful symbol of new beginnings and a fresh start.

With a dedication to the highest quality of man-made synthetic diamonds and ethical practices, Sacet offers a platform for individuals to celebrate with elegance and grace. Explore Sacet today and embark on your journey of personal reinvention with jewellery that speaks to your unique story.

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