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Celebrating Women

6 March 2024
Celebrating Women

Celebrating Women


To celebrate Women’s day, we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight 6 different women who are living life consciously, weaving their passions into their work and trying to leave the world a slightly better place than they found it. 

From creating businesses that help women’s sex lives and hormone wellbeing all the way to art or helping them find better options in make up, we wanted to showcase how these women are propelling change in their own unique way. We discussed success, advice and self-celebrations. Discover the interviews below and on our instagram page


AK - women's day


Akmaral Khassen

 Akmaral Khassen is a multidisciplinary artist based in London, and works across public art, furniture, and art prints.

What is your vision of success ? 

“ Being able to look back on my creative projects and to see how they helped people and brought them joy.”

One piece of advice you would give to your younger self ? 

“Even if you're not in the place you want to be and your purpose will reveal itself regardless.”

How do you celebrate yourself ? 

 “I surround myself with people I love. I take care of my body and I take care of my mind and I make sure I relax.”


Flutter - women's day


Joy Mpofu & Ella Peters  

Joy Mpofu is the CEO and Ella Peters the CPO of Flutter. Flutter's goal is to enable women to (re)gain confidence in their sexual selves.

What is your vision of success ?  

Ella : “Success to me is being intellectually challenged while having a good impact on the world.“

Joy : “And for me success is really all the projects that I endeavour in, is seeing that real life impact on people's lives, but also living my life and having the freedom to do what I want.“

One piece of advice you would give to your younger self ? 

Joy : “So one piece of advice I give my younger self is never be limited by other people's limited imaginations.”

Ella : “And for me, I would say just trust your instincts, forget about what other people are saying and just carry on. Trust your gut.”

How do you celebrate yourself ? 

 Ella : “I like to celebrate myself by just taking a bit of time for myself, getting away from work, shutting everything off and spending time with friends.“

Joy : “Yeah, I 100 percent agree. I find it challenging to celebrate myself and the times that I do it's either treating myself to something really nice like a facial or a massage, but then also learning to switch off and spend time on my own.”


Egle - women's day


Egle Andriuskeviciute

Egle is a cyclical living coach, she teaches people about female hormones and runs a female community which is called Very Bad Girls Club.

What is your vision of success ?

“Success to me is living a meaningful life, being connected to myself and others.”

One piece of advice you would give to your younger self ?  

“I wish that my younger self would know how to let go of things that are no longer serving me.” 

How do you celebrate yourself ?

“I celebrate myself by honouring my cyclical nature. It is very important to me to connect to my body and make sure I plan my life around my cycle.”


Pooja & Nupooria - women's day


Pooja & Nupoora Reddy

Pooja and Nupoora are the co-founders of Teak, which is a South Asian beauty brand. They create lipsticks and colours that suit any South Asian skin tone. 

What is your vision of success ?

Nupoora : “I would say my vision for success in life would be to find balance. I think finding balance is such a difficult thing to achieve. So having enough time for loved ones while having enough time for your passions and your work, I think it's a really tough thing to get. And I feel like we are always kind of working towards finding that sort of  happiness in between, when you feel kind of happy with all different aspects of your life. “Um, so that to me is ultimate success.”

Pooja:  “And I think in terms of the business, I mean, we are really hoping to create a brand where any South Asian person who's interested in wearing lip products can come to us and know that they can find exactly what they're looking for, both in terms of formula, shade…We want to be that one stop for anyone who has South Asian skin tone and just really wants to find that perfect lipstick for themselves.”

One piece of advice you would give to your younger self ? 

Pooja : “I think advice to my younger self, I would definitely say to chill out more. I was pretty high strung."

 Nupoora : “Also just have as much fun as humanly possible. You know, Pooja and I are from very stereotypical South Asian families. We work hard, but I think the ‘play hard’ part is just as important. Just try different things, you know, move countries, try new jobs. I think all that you should try in your 20s.”

Pooja: “I think we both did a pretty good job of staying adventurous.”

Nupoora : “ But maybe a little bit more, you know?”

How do you celebrate yourself ?

Nupoora : “I would say sugar. I have huge sweet teeth, so whatever sugary thing I'm craving, whether it's like a cinnamon bun or chocolate chip cookie, that is what I do when I feel like I need to treat myself.  

Pooja: “For me, this is so cheesy, probably like a glass of white wine in the afternoon.  

Nupoora: “Yes, with a subtle breeze.”

Pooja: “Like the sun pouring through, a little breeze, a glass of white wine, that always feels really nice.”


On behalf of the entire Sacet team, we would like to thank all the people involved in this project including Jil, Madara and all the participants. 


Photographer : Madara Freimane 

Project Management : Jil Carrara 



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