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4 Reasons to Choose Lab Grown Diamonds

16 March 2023
4 Reasons to Choose Lab Grown Diamonds

4 Reasons to Choose Lab Grown Diamonds

Over the years, lab grown diamonds have grown increasingly popular and still continue to rise. And, at Sacet, creating jewellery that is not only beautiful but also good for the planet is extremely important to us.

We believe that the jewellery industry should have greater transparency regulations so that consumers know exactly how their jewellery is made and the origin of the materials that are used. That is why we are committed to using lab grown diamonds and only recycled metals so that our customers can have complete peace of mind around the ethics behind our jewellery. 

In this post, we’ll explore the main reasons why choosing lab grown diamonds over natural diamonds is the right choice.

1. The More Ethical Choice

Lab grown diamonds are vastly more ethical and sustainable than natural diamonds. Approximately 250 tonnes of earth needs to be extracted to mine a single carat natural diamond, which leads to the destruction of forests and wildlife habitats. Lab grown diamonds, on the other hand, have less impact on the planet as they are made using common elements rather than pulling them from the earth. 

It is also thought that there is around 1 injury for every 1,000 workers yearly as a result of mined diamonds, whereas the casualties from lab grown diamonds are close to zero.  The origin of a diamond is hugely important to the conscious consumer. With mined diamonds it is difficult to trace the exact provenance, meaning that the only way for the consumer to buy a diamond that is completely conflict-free is to purchase one that is lab grown.

We’re committed to responsible sourcing and work with the most advanced technologies and the most skilled scientists to ethically grow our diamonds which are physically, chemically and visually identical to natural diamonds. We also ensure all of our metals, from gold, silver and platinum, are 100% recycled so we can avoid large gold mines, where working conditions and environmental practices aren’t up to our standards.

All of the techniques and methods used when creating our lab grown diamond jewellery puts humane, sustainable and forward-thinking production at the very heart of the process.

2. Lab Grown Diamonds are Real Diamonds

Many people are under the impression that lab grown diamonds are fake diamonds and don’t hold the same high quality or sparkle as natural diamonds...this is far from the truth. Diamonds that are lab grown are physically, chemically and optically the same as natural mined diamonds. They are so similar that, even when using a jewellery loupe, mined and lab created diamonds are almost impossible to tell apart. In fact, the only real way for lab grown diamonds to be distinguished from those that are mined is by testing them with specialised equipment. 

Lab grown diamonds are made by mimicking the high pressure and high-temperature conditions that form natural diamonds and are able to be produced in just a matter of weeks. Once grown and finished, there is no visual or structural difference between lab grown and natural diamonds. Both diamonds use carbon as their main element and have the same types of cut, colour and clarity. They are also just as tough as each other, scoring a 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which is the highest score possible so you can be confident your lab grown diamond is just as strong and durable as a natural diamond.

3. Better Value for Money

Not only are lab grown diamonds completely conflict-free, but they also offer great value for money. You’ll find that lab grown diamonds are more affordable than natural diamonds of the same quality and size, generally costing between 30-40% cheaper or more. The biggest reason for this price difference is simply down to how and where they were made. 

Although both types of diamonds incur costs when it comes to cutting, polishing and inspection, the processes and costs prior to this are very different. Plus, as there is no limit on the supply of lab grown diamonds, they aren’t as rare which makes them much more cost-effective.

4. Peace of Mind

For the conscious consumer, buying lab created diamonds provides complete peace of mind that a natural diamond cannot guarantee. Lab grown diamonds are ethically sourced with no risk of blood diamonds, environmentally friendly as they won’t lead to deforestation, great value for money and look and perform identically to the mined variety. You also have the reassurance of knowing the exact origin of the diamond too.

Unless you tell someone otherwise, no one will know you have a lab grown diamond instead of a natural one as they offer the same stunning shine, sparkle and hardness. Lab grown diamonds are also available in a wide variety of colours, sizes and cuts such as round, princess, oval, marquise, pear, cushion, emerald and radiant making it easy to find your perfect ring.

If you are in the market for a lab grown diamond engagement ring then there is nothing more impressive than doing what is best for our people and the planet.

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